Carbon Neutral PR

Building real value into your organisation through both internal and external stakeholders is a major benefit of implementing an emissions management plan or Co2 neutral position.

Whilst in some industries forward thinking organisations and CSR teams are already benefitting from the positive action they are taking, in others, few companies have made a real commitment to carbon reduction on a serious scale, leaving opportunities for those willing to implement a new strategy.

A compelling story for consumers

A positive and well communicated environmental strategy can really help strengthen your brand by enhanced brand values and a projection of a positive, caring company. The great thing is that you are genuinely benefiting green environmental projects in the process, so this message has real depth and substance in today’s overcrowded media marketplace.

A compelling story within your industry

Emissions offsetting and management can help you differentiate your company and create market advantage within your industry. Strong forward thinking businesses want to do business with other forward thinking and innovative businesses. As many large corporate organisations develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies they also look for companies within their supply chains that adopt the same. Make sure that your business keeps with the times.

Internal PR and Employee morale

Going Co2 neutral can have a significant impact of employee morale. It promotes a forward thinking, responsible and caring attitude where employees see the company taking a pro-active and inclusive approach to environmental issues. Attracting and retaining top talent can be a real benefit.

As part of our service, we help and guide you with how you can communicate your strategy on offsetting and managing your emissions. The AGT Co2 neutral logo can be used throughout your corporate and consumer literature both online and offline.

Whatever stage you are at in planning your emissions management strategy, contact your local Advanced Global Trading office today for more details.